Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Descripción: Sophie is a new, rising star and Hollywood just loves her. She started her career with a role in a romantic comedy and since then she is seen everywhere at late night shows, laughing with the host, on the red carpet always surprising everyone with her impeccable looking outfit or on the movie set, entertaining the whole crew with her fine lines. Playing the Hollywood Beauty Secrets you get the opportunity of meeting Sophie, Hollywood new favorite actress, so, do not let this once in a lifetime chance pass behind you and hit the start button right now. Well, you must now that Sophie has a super busy agenda today, so you not only get the chance to spend the hole day with her but you will also learn some amazing beauty secrets. First of all, decide where Sophie is going today. Is she attending a tonight show, is she getting ready to show off her beauty on the red carpet or is she simply preparing for a busy filming day. Once you have established that, you may go on, and start the day with an invigorating session at the spa giving her a refreshing facial, steam baths, nourishing masks and hydrating face cream. Than give her a total makeover, starting with her hairdo and finishing up with her puckered lips. You find everything you need eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, blush. Also, do not forget to choose a perfect outfit according to the event she is heading. Have fun..
Controles: Use mouse.
Etiquetas: romantic , comedy , laughing , surprising , entertaining , opportunity , favorite , actress , lifetime , amazing , established , invigorating , heading ,